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Winter is coming! Is your car ready?

As winter seems to be approaching at a slower pace for 2021 people seem to once again, wait until the last minute to get their vehicle ready for winter. Here are some things you should have your vehicle service provider check for before old man winter comes- a- calling.

Tire condition and pressures.

Poor tire condition, wrong tire type for season or improper adjusted tire pressure can leave you stranded at the worst time. First off the condition of your tires is very important. If you notice weather cracking or very low tread depth your tires are ready to be replaced. The proper tire type for winter is important due to the design of the tire, Tires may be listed as all-weather but that does not mean they are a true Winer tire. Winter tires have a softer rubber compound which gives them the extra grip needed on ice and slippery roads. You can tell a true winter tire if they have the snow flake symbol imprinted on the side of the tire. Any tire shop should be able to help you identify these tires. The last is tire pressure. Correct tire pressure is also important due to the fact that the tire is designed to run at a specific pressure. This allows the tire to function with the proper amount of treat touching the surface of the road to give you the grip intended. A low tire can also cause the vehicle to pull to one direction causing un even traction among all 4 tires.

Some other general things to check.

Batteries in general seem to last around 5 years. If your vehicle has been sitting for long periods of time, possibly you have been working from home due to Covid-19, it may be less. Have your favorite shop assess the condition of your battery and the charging system to confirm it’s reliable for the winter season. The next thing is to have the block heater checked before the real cold of winter is upon us.

Block heater cord ends that are left outside the vehicle, (Sticking out of grill or front of hood) can break the wires at the cord end from flexing back and forth in the wind when driving. Check the terminals as well for rust that can restrict power from getting to the block heater itself.

These are just a few things you should check before winter sets in for the coming months. Your local shop can suggest ways of winterizing your car and suggest other maintenance that can make a big difference to the reliability and safety of your vehicle this winter.

You can also check out specials by contacting Pro Certified Auto to save a few dollars on repairs in October 2021.

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